In November 2014 HEIZER GAS SRL, an established Italian company  that specialises in the manufacturing of calorifiers, buffer vessels, gas and electric water heaters, acquired the ZANI name and trademark after the closing of the ZANI SPA company in 2013. This is a brand that has dominated the market of domestic hot water for  in excess of 30 years.

The aim of HEIZER is to expand its production and sale of calorifiers and DHW storage tanks through the well known ZANI brand at national and international levels.
In addition to the traditional range, HEIZER will improve ZANI production and have introduced some innovative models, in order to meet the increasing demand of an ever-changing market, especially in the field of renewable energy. The extreme flexibility of our skilled and flexible design, technical office and manufacturing department allows us to satisfy the customer in achieving special equipment that can be customised according to required specifications at very competitive prices.
The careful design and accurate construction ensure quality, reliability and durability of the new ZANI products, that, together with great attention to the customer and a quick and timely service, makes our company your ideal partner.
Our aim is to breathe new life into ZANI’s old product range.